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Rifles used by the Finnish Army in the Winter Wa

The Finns also used British Hawker Hurricane I, Gloster Gladiator II, American-built Brewster Buffalos, Dutch Fokker D XXI fighters and captured Russian Polikarpov I-153, most of them delivered during or shortly after the Winter War 1939-40 Finn Dragoon w/exp sight under a Finn M28 Very rare rifle, originally a Dragoon, taken/used by the Finns, it has an eared front sight protector which is very similiar to the M27-M28 type but it is a different one, check the pics for comparison. Purportedly made in the early 40's as an experiment. Dragoon sight bottom, M28 to His first rifle was a Russian-built Mosin-Nagant bolt action M91, and was later introduced to the better-performing M28/30 and the 9mm Suomi submachine gun. Thanks to both his training and natural enjoyment of shooting, Häyhä was eventually able to hit a target 16 times per minute at about 500 feet away, making him an excellent sniper—a skill that would later serve him very well

The Finnish State Aircraft Factory at Tampere went into license-production with the Dutch Fokker C.X two-seat bomber and reconnaissance plane in 1938. These aircraft were used until the end of WW2. The Finnish Air Force was not an independent arm but formed part of the Army under its own commander Rifles. Mosin-Nagant M1891/30; Steyr-Mannlicher M1895; Mauser Karabiner 98k; Machine guns. Maxim M1910; Bren light machine gun [citation needed] Madsen machine gun; Schwarzlose M1907/12; MG 08; MG 30; MG 34; Degtyaryov DP-28; Mortars. Brandt M1927/31; 8 cm Granatwerfer 34; Anti-tank weapons. Solothurn S-18/100; Panzerschreck; Panzerfaus Finnish Mosin Nagants: Finnish Mosin Nagants are fascinating rifles. They are of much higher quality than the Soviet Mosin Nagants, and tend to be very accurate and in good condition. Finland never built their own receivers, instead relying on either captured or purchased rifles (usually the former), and modifying them to suit their purposes Anti-tank rifles by Finnish and British designers in WW2. The Lahti L-39 was a large Finnish anti-tank rifle used in the World War 2 engagements against the Soviet Union, earning itself the nickname of Elephant Gun. The Lahti L-39 was an indigenous Finnish 20mm anti-tank rifle design used during the Winter War of World War 2 Finland found itself with nearly 200,000 Mosin Nagant rifles in its possession after breaking away from Russian rule in 1917, and those rifles would for the.

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ww2 sky finnish mosin nagant m28/30 7.62x54r infantry rifle dated 1940. All original, complete and matching except magazine well base and rear sight base. Very good plus with original blue/patina mixClick for more inf Bayonet mounting lug on underside of nose-cap. Cleaning rod stored under barrel. The rifle also benefits from an adjustable front sight post within guard ears. Adjustment screws act through the guard from either side. Stock No F 881. £ 1275. (Sold) Comments Off on Finnish M39 WW2 Rifle by Tikka(F 881 ) SOL

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  1. The result was the Model 1939, a very well-made, reliable, robust, accurate, and effective military rifle. The Finnish Army used the M39 Mosin to great effect during the Continuation War of 1941-1944 thru the end of World War 2 and beyond, with the M39 remaining in Finnish Military service all the way into the 1970's
  2. All known Finn... ish M/39 SOV sniper rifles were built with PE or PEM scopes. A few Soviet PU-scope equipped Finnish M/39 rifles are occasionally passed off as Finnish military issue from World War, but these are all Bubba or CAI hack jobs created to make the rifles more marketable after importation
  3. Varusteleka is an army surplus store that offers military surplus, outdoor gear and tactical gear. Fast worldwide shipping
  4. these our the last of my collection of ww2 guns ill be getting more every now and then ill keep making videos of more indepth reviews of each rifle or psito
  5. WW2 Finnish Tanks Finnish Tanks in 1939. Finnish Koiras (14 in service). This was the gun-armed version. The MG armed was named Naaras. Machine-gun armed version of the Renault FT in Finnish service, the Naaras (18 in service). Most were dug in as pillboxes in the defensive lines, negating the mobility and armor issues compared to Russian tanks
  6. During WW2 Husqvarna Vapenfabrik produced rifles which were intended to be used by a resistance movement in Sweden in case of occupation by the Nazis. This is not a Military rifle. The mechanism used was the old standard Mauser m/96 mechanism similar to fm/23-36 and the calibre was 7.9x58JS mm like the standard German Military ammunition
  7. WWII Finnish Civil Guard M28/30 28/30 Mosin Nagant Rifle Sako 1937 This is a hard to find Finnish Model 28/30 in very nice condition. Strong markings. Shiny bore with a small import mark

It can be quite hard being a Finnish militaria/rifle collector in NZ - there just isn't much to be found locally. All of these pouches have come from Europe or the US. The Polish pouch is highly sought after as any pre-1945 Polish gear - be it marked to other countries or not - is real hard to come by [WW2] Finnish AT Rifle | Lahti L-39. Subscribe. Subscribed. Unsubscribe. In 1 collection by Hellinberg. FINNISH WAR | WORLD WAR TWO. 9 items. Description. L-39 anti-tank rifle. IT DOES NOT SHOOT! THIS IS ONLY DECORATION! Tags: finnish, war, continuation, soviet.

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A lone Finnish sniper repels enough invading Russians in WW2 to earn the nickname White Death WW2 era m91's can be found in both newly made Finnish stocks with round wartime finger-jointed spliced fore-stocks, sometimes also with a dovetailed and spliced stock toe, and also in older re-used Russian M91 stocks. The rear sights will generally be renumbered by the Finns in Meters, and often will have a 150m or 200m range setting added

The Finnish Army and Civil Guard eventually decided to standardize their rifles and, before 1939, the Civil Guard put forward a modified M28/30 in service of this task 1931 M27 Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle (Mfg by Tikka) (41 picture virtual tour) Observations: (by Claven2) Note: Pics of rifle provided courtesy of Milsurps.com moderator Claven2. In the 1920's the Finnish authorities were beginning to re-evaluate the M91 as the country's primary infantry arm The Finnish army has a new look as we update the Continuation War Finnish Rifle. These miniatures are mostly dressed in standard issue M36 tunic and armed with a variety of Finnish weaponry and so are most suitable for use in Continuation War (1941-1944) against the might of the Soviet Union Several rifles such as the Finnish Lahti and Swiss Soluthern are semi-auto/full auto and can only be owned in the UK either deactivated or with Section 5 Home Office permission, however it is reported that some very rare examples were manufactured as single shot rifles due to problems with the semi-auto mechanism

Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifles, A Brief Introductio

Finns indeed captured a nice number of BTs in Winter War from the mottis in Ladoga Karelia, but none of those were brought to Finland before the peace was made. So those tanks were left to their original owners. But in overall, this was a very nice article. Almost every important thing about the Finnish Armored Forces in WW2 was mentioned Home | Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant Price Guide | Forum | Contact Today's New Auctions: CZ-52 CZ-82 Hakim Lee Enfield Luger Pistol M1 Garand M1917 Revolver Mannlicher M95 Mauser Rifle Mosin Nagant Nagant M1895 Revolver PSL Rasheed SKS Springfield Armory M1A SVT-40 Swiss K-31 TT-33 VZ-52 Yugo M7 Hungarian Mannlicher 31/a.M Rifle. 8x56R. Very rare '31M Rifle'. Marked 'Steyr M95'. a large 'H' (8x56R 'Hegyes Tolteny'). Austrian WW1 Eagle and Hungarian WW2 Circled E proofmarks. Barrel 19.5, overall 39.5. Metal: 50% thin bluing, turned brown. Brigt shiny bore, strong sharp rifling. Good oak stock, crack at the buttplate

Finnish Armed Forces 1941-1944 - WW2 Weapon

  1. es to protect her assets. There were no destroyers and the only three torpedo boats in service dated back from 1899
  2. In decent enough shape with a matching bolt, we have a scarce and desirable Finnish Civil Guards Marked M/24 Lotta Rifle This is the Finnish heavy barreled version of the Russian M1891 Mosin Nagant rifle. There are other improvements as well such as a better trigger and high attention to accuracy
  3. FINNISH RIFLES. RUSSIAN & COMMUNIST BLOCK RIFLES (PS3955)- Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle Isveskh Arsenal, dated 1943 dated 1943. Caliber 7.62x54R mm, Shooter grade guns and may have spots of blue wear and/or surface pitting. WW2 stock, comes with a Cleaning Kit with oil bottle & Bayonet, Overall Good to VG condition. $375.00 Can.
  4. Photos WW2 Finnish army. being among the dead and wounded left behind during the breakout from the Karelian Isthmus by the 176th and the 289th Rifle divisions on 12/13 August 1944. IMHO this image is of dead and possibly a wounded man left behind in the retreat by Soviet forces, not civilians
  5. Finnish soldiers with 20 mm Lahti L-39 AT rifle. The Lahti L-39 is a Finnish 20 mm anti-tank rifle used during the Second World War. It had excellent accuracy, penetration and range, but its size made transportation difficult
  6. Rifles | Semi Automatic and Automatic Rifles | Sniper Rifles Handguns | Machine Guns and Light Machine Guns. Rifles - Bolt Action Rifles. Finland captured large amounts of Mosin Nagant Model 1891 Rifles in their Independence War and due to this it was decided Mosin Nagant line of rifle would be the standard for the newly formed Finnish Army and Civil Guard
  7. Buy Finnish Mosin 91/30 Finn 1943 captured nagant 7.62x54r WW2 rifle: GunBroker is the largest seller of Curios & Relics Collectible Firearms All: 89476128

Returning to WW2, Finns establish 13 death camps on territory they invade in 1941. There were about 75 thousand people on ocuppied territory who remained there , and about 30 thousands of them were sent to death camps. It means about 40% people, and totaly most of them were ethnicaly russian. About 1/3 of people Buy Pre WW2 Finnish M27 Mosin Nagant Rifle! Collector Grade!: GunBroker is the largest seller of Bolt Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 89179363

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Reproduction Finnish M39 Mosin Nagant rifle bayonet with scabbard SK.Y rare WW2. I am thinking that this is a reproduction but not 100% sure so I included many photos to look at! Even the reproductions are rare so I couldn't find good comparisons to be certain Photos WW2 Finnish army. Franklin D. Roosevelt encourages volunteers to join the Finnish Field Army by saying that they won't loose the citizenship. Soviet losses being around 160 fallen and huge amount of automatic rifles. Pics show him beside the Helsinki Main Railroad Station on March 3 194

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Germany: Karabiner 98k in 7.92x57 Mauser ER: 550 yards Excellent rifle with excellent optics. The K98k Mauser is the most popular bolt-action military rifle ever made. Most collectors and shooters would put the Mauser at #1. USA: 1903 Springfield. Jun 24, 2016 - A little over two years ago, an amazing pictorial resource was opened to historians of both the academic and armchair varieties: the Finnish Wartime Photograph Archive. Contained within the site are more than 160,000 scanned photographs from 1939 to 1945, offering a fascinating glimpse (from a Finnish perspective) into one of the most destructive periods of human Finns i lagret. Finns ej i lagret. Lägg i varukorg » Finns ej i lagret. Produktbeskrivning: Garand M1 Rifle WW2 replika Fantastiskt fin repro på detta klassiska gevär! Vikt: ca 4kg Metall och träkonstruktion med fungerande mekanism. OBS OBS OBS:.

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Apr 5, 2021 - Explore Rodrigo Guinea's board WW2 Finnish army on Pinterest. See more ideas about finnish, ww2, army In excellent all matching condition, we have an extremely desirable, very rare manufacturer, April, 1941 Podolsk Mechanical Factory NKOM made SVT-40 Tokarev Semi-Auto Rifle. This ALL MATCHING rifle was a WW2 G.I vet bring back, it is not import marked, nor is it SA Finnish Army marked. There cannot be more than a small handfull if that many Poldolsk rifles in this state of originality in North. Feb 1, 2021 - One of the most badass nations during the 19th century. Fought off Stalin not once but twice and where so badass that Russia signed a peace treaty with them, so they wouldn't have to deal with the Fins again (my opinion). See more ideas about finnish, ww2, wwii Garry's Mod> Workshop > Hellinberg's Workshop > [WW2] Finnish AT Rifle | Lahti L-39.

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This is a Finnish M28 Civil Guard rifle made in 1927 using a Mosin M1891 receiver. It is 46.5 long, a bolt action rifle, with a Swiss SIG (Schweiz-Industrie Gesellshaft) made barrel chambered in the 7.62x54R (rimmed) cartridge. The M28s were an upgrade to the Finnish M27, made from 1927 to 1929. Se bilder. NB! De to stål bolter/ pinner bilde 2 er nå solgt! Selges enkeltvis pr. del. Pris på forespørsel pr. del. Porto og emballasje brev / norgespakke kommer i tillegg. Forskuddsbetaling via bank konto eller Vipps. Sendes ikke i oppkrav. NB! SE OGSÅ MINE ANDRE ANNONSER Jul 12, 2019 - Whats better than a (Finnish) Lahti L-39 (elephant gun) ? How about a double Elephant -gun? Ok, the gun in the pics is not exactly an Lahti L-39, its a 20 ITK 40 VKT, but the designer is the same, Aimo Lahti, and its also based on the the L-39 anti-tank rifle. (SA-kuva Finns i lagret. Finns ej i lagret. Lägg i varukorg » Finns ej i lagret. Produktbeskrivning: British Lee-Enfield SMLE Rifle Gevär WW2 replika En omåttligt populär replika av engelsmännens driftsäkra gevär från 2:a världskriget. OBS OBS OBS: ***Skickas.

Russian E-Tool Shovel WW2 Era Finnish SA Marked (Mosin Nagant Accessories). This offering is for 1 of our Russian WW2 Era Entrenching Tool Shovels. Like the one pictured, all are in good looking used condition. These come from Finnish military surplus lots and are SA marked Apr 8, 2018 - [/r/Colorization] is a subreddit that is dedicated to sharing black and white photos that you have colorized. Colorization can be very..

Jul 20, 2019 - Finnish soldier at JR 19:s HQ dugout. He must have had good connections to some Swedes, his coat was a gift from Sweden. Winter War Taipale (SA-kuva Looking for Pre-WW1, WW1 and WW2 British, Russian and Finnish rifles and handguns (ok, you can thrown in Korean War, too, for British and Russian arms). I have eclectic collecting habits, and am interested in a variety of firearms 5.4.2020 - Explore Dragoon Militaria's board WW2 Finnish field gear on Pinterest. See more ideas about laukku, suomi

From my Collection: 1942 Finnish Mosin Nagant Rifle WWII

Finland WW1 WW2 Military Medals Orders Decorations Cross Merit Lion Liberty Liberation Finnish Awards WWI WWII 1914 1918 1939 1945 Winter War Continuation Peacekeeping Peace Keeping Operations United Nations UN Red Army Soviet Union USSR Helsinki WWII CCCP Stalin East Front General Mannerheim Line Nazi Germany Karelia Military Medals Orders Badges Decorations Insignia Army Navy Air Force Pilot. An interesting way to train when you're short on ammunition. A Finnish electric training device for rifles made during WW2 to train indoors/without ammunition In 1939, the Finnish Army looked at their dated M27 rifles and went to work on refining them. The final outcome resulted in the M39. For the complete story on the rifle, its attributes, manufacturers and production numbers, I refer you to Frank Overbey's M39 article at Dan Z. Johnson's site

Anti-tank rifles by Finnish and British designers in WW

I've come across this rifle. Have not seen it in hand which makes it difficult to identify but from what I can tell it appears to be a Mosin Nagant M91/24 for the Finnish Civil Guard. (NO IMPORT Marks Buy Antique Finnish Sako M39 Mosin Nagant - NO FFL : GunBroker is the largest seller of Antique Guns Collectible Firearms All: 90194475 Original Item: In another military antiques coup, IMA acquired the last of all the known WWII German helmet stocks from the government of Finland. A wonderful article was written about this find in the Magazine Military Trader which you can read at this link. These helmets are 100% genuine German manufactured WWII type M40 steel combat helmets that were produced by German WWII helmet. This is a list of weapons used by the Finnish Army, for past equipment, see here. 1 Armour 1.1 Trucks 2 Air-defence 2.1 Anti-Aircraft Artillery 2.2 Surface-to-Air Missiles 3 Artillery 3.1 Forward Observer 3.2 MLRS 3.3 Self Propelled 3.4 Field Howitzers 3.5 Field Guns 4 Mortars 4.1 Self Propelled Mortars 4.1.1 Towed heavy mortars (total: ca. 900) 4.1.2 Light mortars (total: ca. 1,400) 5 Anti. Finnish and Soviet troops used the same basic rifle, all variations in one form or another of the bolt-action Mosin-Nagant Model 1891, chambered in 7.62x54 mm R. Finnish ordnance experts had.

Swedish uniforms in Finland 1941 - 44

Finnish Mosin Nagant Overview (M91/24, M27, M28, M28/30

The Finnish newspapers frequently featured the invisible Finnish soldier, thus creating a hero of mythical proportions. Read another story from us: The USSR's Extraordinary Women Snipers of WW2. Recalling Marine Corps training, this is a stark reminder of the power of a single infantryman with a rifle In excellent condition, we have an extremely desirable very rare manufacturer, 1941 Podolsk Arsenal made SVT-40 Tokarev Semi-Auto Rifle.. This rifle was a WW2 vet bring back, it is not import marked, nor is it SA Finnish Army marked. The rifle as you would expect is a mismatch, but the parts all retain the original Soviet finish, it has not been reblued Original Item: Acquired in IMA's the recent exclusive purchase from the Finnish Army. These steel and wood infantry shovels, or trench spades, were used extensively before WWII up until the 1970s. As used in the Winter War of 1939-40 and the Continuation War of 1941-44, these were imported directly from Finland and bear SA (Finnish Army) markings but are undated. The style of this shovel is. Most Finnish soldiers in WW2 were farmers, so perhaps they did not mind that too much Also, most had no experience with smoother actions like Mausers, so their expectations had not been spoiled. The Swedish Mausers did quickly gain a reputation as excellent rifles

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finnish for sale and auction. Buy a finnish online. Sell your finnish for FREE today on GunsAmerica Finnish Defense Forces' designation of this sniper rifle is 8.6 TKIV 2000. The SAKO TRG series rifles can be easily recognized by their nearly vertical pistol grips. This sniper rifle comes with a black or green stock However the Finnish now have found a new use, as an anti-aircraft weapon. This new usage of the weapon was known as L-39/44. The Finnish designation 20 it kiv/39-44. After the war, some of the rifles stayed in service as anti-helicopter weapons. L-39/44 Proper Bi-Pod L-39/44 Today L-39/44 Lahti L-39 Anti-Tank Rifle (ATR) - Finland Shop for Low Price Finnish Sniper Rifles Ww2 .Price Low and Options of Finnish Sniper Rifles Ww2 from variety stores in usa. products sale. Finnish Sniper Rifles Ww2 BY Finnish Sniper Rifles Ww2 in Articles Shop for Low Price Finnish Sniper Rifles Ww2

Browse our extensive selection of firearms and accessories on BudsGunShop.com. Use our advanced product search tool to find exactly what you are looking for Photos WW2 Finnish army. SA-kuva pic # 30734 shows Corporal Toivo Potka from the JP 2 having a just captured Soviet semi-automatic rifle, managing to neutralize 24 enemy soldiers in three days (July 29-Aug 1 1941). Pic is taken in the Tuulos area on Aug 1. He survived **ALL MATCHING NUMBERS INCLUDING BOLT**WW2 1944 Russian Izhevsk Arsenal Mosin Nagant, 7.62mm Calibre Bolt Action Rifle & Sling**UK / EU DEACTIVATION CERTIFICATED**D 1512 - D 1512 The Mosin-Nagant is a five-shot, bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle, developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882-91, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and. Mod [WW2 Collection] M28-30 Finnish Mosin version 02.08.19 for Ravenfield (Build 16) ,and a different trigger mechanism,among other small design changes that made the rifle an extremely reliable and accurate gun (it was even used in shooting competitions).

2021-01-23 - Explore Grzegorz Gembala's board Finnish Army in WW2, followed by 529 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about historia, wojna, wojsko A now very hard to find WW2 Russian 91/30 PE sniper rifle dated 1940 and made in the Izhevsk factory Complete with scope, mounts, leather scope caps and sling. Finance Now available with 12,24 or 36 month terms with a minimum 10% deposit £2,000 US$2,838/€2,330. Mosin-Nagant 762X54R M87 Sniper Bolt Action Rifle (R/H) - S/ FINNISH RIFLES. RUSSIAN & COMMUNIST BLOCK RIFLES (PS3955)- Mosin Nagant M91/30 rifle Isveskh Arsenal, dated 1943 dated 1943. Caliber 7.62x54R mm, Shooter grade guns and may have spots of blue wear and/or surface pitting. WW2 stock, comes with a Cleaning Kit with oil bottle & Bayonet, Overall Good to VG condition. $375.00 Can.

Russian Surplus Bayonet for Mosin Nagant Rifles Fair Condition. $39.95. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. Surplus, Carcano Rifle 6.5x52mm . Good condition overall Mix of arsenals and years Mix of rear sight styles Surface rust possible 6.5×52MM $389.95. Add to Cart Compare. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for MILITARY SURPLUS FINNISH WW2 WWII ERA NAGANT RIFLE OIL CAN BOTTLE EMBOSSED CAP at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products WW2 Mosin Nagant M91/30 Ammo Pouch, Leather 1937 - 1941, Russian Issued, Finland Winter War Capture / Finnish Re-Issue, Continuation War, SA Stamped I have been on a mission to pick up all of the little bits to complete a full load-out for each of my vintage rifles Finnish M39 Sling WW2 91/30 rifle sling Mosin Nagant M28/30 SA T Tikka Marked, but can have loose threads (which can easily be cut off) on the end with the holes for the stud, rectangular steel buckle and button with leather fittings, See below for complete description, See all condition definitions, Condition: Used : An item that has been used previously, Seller Notes: Great condition.

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