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TPU material is a group of thermoplastic elastomers with good elasticity and resistance to stresses like abrasion and oil lubricants. Its structure consists of soft and hard segments linked together in the chain Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is any of a class of polyurethane plastics with many properties, including elasticity, transparency, and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion. Technically, they are thermoplastic elastomers consisting of linear segmented block copolymers composed of hard and soft segments TPU är en termoplastisk elastomer som baserar sig på polyuretan, en termoplastisk variant av polyuretangummi. Denna variant kan smältas om och återvinnas. Detta kan vara ganska omständigt men det går. De vanligaste TPU-materialen är de som är baserade på polyester och polyeter Elastollan® is the brand name for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF. It stands for maximum reliability, consistent product quality and cost efficiency. Elastollan® can be extruded into hoses, cable sheathing, belts, films and profiles, and can also be processed using blow molding and injection molding technologies. Over th What is TPU Material? Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer. Consequently, it's elastic and melt-processable. TPU material is a sort of cube copolymer (contains soft and hard sections ). TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) can be colored via a range of procedures, and it's also very flexible

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What is a TPU material? (Thermoplastic Polyurethane

Material till mobilskal. Vi har även massvis av mobilskal som är tillverkade av olika material. Dessa är de vanligaste: TPU : En mjuk och böjbar gummiliknande plast. Hårdplast : En styv och hård plast. Silikon : Påminner om TPU men något styvare och inte lika böjbar. PU-läder : Skalet har en yta klädd med PU-läder Skal som är tillverkade av så kallad TPU (Termoplastiskt Polyuretan) är lite mer flexibla i materialet än vad skalen i hårdplast är. TPU som material är väldigt tåligt och slitstarkt och därför går det att tillverka mobilskal i materialet med extremt tunna tjocklekar men som ändå ger att bra skydd mot stötar, repor och smuts

TPU är som sagt känt för att ha de egenskaper som krävs för att man ska kunna smälta ner och börja om men det här är inte helt enkelt. Med mer forskning omkring hur dessa plastmaterial kan användas igen för nya produkter så kan man kanske få ner kostnaderna för återvinningen vilket kan vara positivt för fortsatt produktion av TPU termoplastisk polyuretan och TPE elastomer This makes it a bad choice for mobile phone cases. Hence, TPU acts as a hybrid of silicone and polycarbonate. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane. It is both hard and soft, transparent, and good at scratch, shock resistance. It is cheap to produce but turns yellow due to sunlight exposure. This was all about TPU material and silicone De är även doftfria, flottresistanta, anti-statiska och slittåliga. Silikonet i skalen är egentligen en polymer, en kemisk förening av grundämnet kisel och ämnen som kol, syre och väte. TPU står för Thermoplastic Polyurethane, ett slags plast som har många fördelaktiga egenskaper och är väldigt likt silikon Zhejiang Huafon Thermoplastic Polyurethane Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huafon Group. The company is dedicated to the production, sales and development of thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, or thermoplastic polyeruthane, is a plastic filament often used in FDM 3D printing to create flexible parts. It has a higher glass transition temperature than PLA (60-65C), at around 80C, and can handle low temperatures well without becoming brittle

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TPU production output rates are comparable to those of other thermoplastic materials. Lower durometer TPU's production rates may be less than higher durometer TPU's because of lower crystallinity in the materials which extends the set-up time of the extrudate. Material For best results, use extrusion grade TPU materials This material offers durable, strong, and flexible parts. MultiJet Fusion TPU is a perfect 3D printing material choice if you need to produce parts requiring shock absorption, high elasticity, and energy return. For flexible lattices and complex parts, this material is ideal. Coming out of the 3D printer, TPU parts are grey Skrót TPU wziął się od pełnej nazwy tego materiału - Thermoplastic polyurethane, czyli termoplastycznego poliuretanu. Właściwościami zbliżony on jest do elastycznej gumy, dlatego też etui wykonane z TPU są tak łatwe do nałożenia oraz zdjęcia w każdym momencie. Nie bez powodu też tak chętnie stosowane są do wyrobu etui TPU, eller termoplastisk polyuretan som det heter, är ett starkare material än silikon. Tpu-skalen håller å att ta över dom klassiska silikon. Stora fördelen är att dem sitter bättre på din mobiltelefon samt har en lite annan känsla. Dom finns även i fina färger, så varför inte slå till på en rosa eller en lila Manufacturer of 3D printer filaments from various materials, including thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is suitable for applications requiring flexibility; users can bend and flex a printed object without permantently altering shape. Available in both 1.75 and 2.85 mm diameters, and clear, black, blue, white, and red colors

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  1. Thermoplastisches Polyurethan (TPU-Material) ist ein flexibler, abriebfester Thermoplast. Es wird in einer Reihe von Herstellungsprozessen sowohl für Verbraucher als auch für die Industrie eingesetzt
  2. ent: PLA, PETG, ABS to name a few. But no TPU support, which is sad. To work with TPU, I've had collected bits and pieces here and there, but am still wrangling with strings and other imperfections
  3. TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) plastic injection molding process has many methods, including injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, extrusion molding, etc., among which injection molding is most commonly used. use the injection molding process to mold TPU into required TPU injection molding parts, which are divided into three stages: pre plasticizing, injection, and ejecting out
  4. TPU Material Biology and Medical Supplies Huafon TPU is a high strength, aromatic biomedical polymer with an impressive combination of mechanical properties and biological compatibility. It was designed to add durability to devices requiring long-term implantation
  5. TPU or Thermoplastic Polyurethane are a category of plastic created when a polyaddition reaction occurs between diisocyanate and one or more diols. They can be used as a soft engineering plastic or as a replacement for hard rubber

Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomers (TPU

For the sports shoe industry, additional special grades in the S043 series offer particularly low abrasion loss. If processed carefully, these grades can even cut abrasion loss down to between 15 and 20 mm³. TPU is considered to be the elastomeric material that offers the highest resistance to abrasion under the conditions encountered in practice Elastollan ® is the brand name for thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) from BASF. Over the last few decades, the numerous benefits of Elastollan ® in all its forms - aromatic or aliphatic, very soft or glass fiber-reinforced, flame retardant or highly transparent - have been clearly demonstrated across every sector of industry Elastollan ® TPU Technical Data Sheet Elastollan C85A Polyester-based Grade MELT FLOW INDEX (MFI): Elastollan C85A is available in various MFI ranges. Depending on the process and application, different melt flow index can be used. Physical properties of all the materials are same Egna varumärken inom polymera material. UW-ELAST har valt att arbeta med egna varumärken eftersom det inte finns någon standard för polymera material på samma sätt för exempelvis stål. Det är exempelvis Slitan, Trekollan och Vulkollan samt i viss mån TPU som är ett termoplastiskt polyuretan TPU (Thermoplastisches Polyurethan) ist ein thermoplastisches Elastomer auf Polyurethanbasis. Wenn Sie ein Material suchen, das sehr abriebfest und gut beständig gegen Öle ist, wäre TPU eine gute Wahl. Für Anwendungen in der Hydraulik und Pneumatik ist TPU ein sehr häufig verwendetes Material. Das kommt nicht nur durch ausgezeichnete Beständigkeit gegen Mineralöle und Fette, aber auch [

Tuftane ® TPU films can be made firm and stiff, or soft, flexible and easily drapable. This makes them ideal for use in industrial, healthcare, commercial and consumer products, as backing materials for outerwear apparel specialty fabrics, textiles and conformable materials TPU filament is popular for its flexibility, durability, and strength. This is a great 3D printing material as it is not prone to shrinkage and warping. Do you need a flexible filament for 3D printing? Wondering if TPU material is the one you're looking for Our thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin bridges the gap between flexible, elastic rubber and rigid plastics. TPU is a highly versatile elastomer or polymer that can be utilized in film and sheet, extrusion, blow molding, injection molding, over molding, calendaring, adhesives and solution coating processes TPU Adhesion to Steel, Aluminum, other metals or carbon materials. The RadiSurf adhesion layers are applicable for various materials and you can obtain a strong adhesion of TPU on a broad number of materials. The major requirements for the surfaces are that they are either electrically conducting or contain a surface oxide layer

Hence, these materials do not need any curing or vulcanization processes. TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane, and it is a form of TPE. TPU has more improved properties than other TPE materials. The main difference between TPE and TPU is that TPE burns with a faint aroma whereas TPU burns with an irritating odor. Key Areas Covered. 1. tpu material manufacturer/supplier, China tpu material manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese tpu material manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters & wholesalers quickly on Made-in-China.com In addition to medical devices, this compound is also a popular material for sporting goods, tubing, wire, protective coatings and more. K-3000 TPU Compound KEP's K-3000 TPU compound is a soft polyether type polyurethane that provides excellent clarity with a slightly yellow tint

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  1. PU-läder är ett läderliknande material som är helt artificiellt eller semi-artificiellt. I det första fallet rör det sig om plast av typen polyuretan helt utan animaliska produkter. [1] [2] [3] I det andra fallet är det djurhud som är bunden till polyuretan, också kallat bycast läder, bundet läder eller splittläder.[4] [5]PU-läder har vunnit popularitet eftersom det har ett.
  2. API, an Italian company specialized in the production of thermoplastic elastomeric compounds and bioplastics which was acquired by global materials company Trinseo in July 2017, will be presenting the new expandable bio-based TPU APILONTM 52 BIO LIGHT at SIMAC Tanning Tech 2020, February 19-21, in Milan, Italy - Hall 14, Booth C48
  3. This material can be used to produce heavy duty versions of the rapstrap Classic, and we have also successfully produced rapstrap i-Ties using it. By itself, this reclaimed PVC material is not sufficiently elastomeric to produce a convincing rapstrap, so we blend it with around 25% recycled TPU to compensate

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  1. TPU is ideal for end use parts, functional prototypes, concept models and custom components. This type of material is widely used, for example, to produce mobile phone covers, as it protects the device from shocks and fractures. Let's now look at the outstanding properties of this flexible material
  2. TPE & TPU Similarities. TPE and TPU compounds offer excellent colorability, clarity, flexibility, and elasticity. TPUs are a subset of TPEs - both are block copolymers, made of different building blocks. These material classes can be used for extrusion, injection molding applications and other plastics molding processes
  3. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a polymer material that has high ductility, good biocompatibility and excellent abrasion resistance. These properties open a pathway to manufacturing functional TPU parts for applications in various fields such as aerospace engineering, medical devices and sports equipment. This study aims to investigate the mechanical properties of additively manufactured.
  4. g materials that maintain their flexibility yet are durable and waterproof.. TPU has a long list of excellent material properties. It is abrasion resistant, tear resistant, has excellent bending and tensile strength, large elongation.
  5. Common end use parts that are 3D printed in TPU material: Flexible parts like tubes, hoses, and ducts Caster or small rim rubber wheels / tires Grips for things like bikes, consumer products, and sporting goods Custom shock absorbers and springs Flexible lattice structures All types of rubber or TPU.

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  1. TPU Materials, Insulation Industry News. Termoplastisk polyuretan (TPU) är vilken som helst av en klass av polyuretan Plast med många egenskaper, inklusive elasticitet, transparens och motstånd mot olja, fett och nötning. Tekniskt sett är de termoplastiska elastomerer bestående av linjära segmenterade segmentsampolymerer bestående av hårda och mjuka segment
  2. Estane TPU is one of the highest rated elastomeric materials for tear strength. It outperforms low-density polyethylene and plasticized PVC, while providing cut-resistance in many ruggedized applications. Processing TPU for Wire and Cable Jacketing. Estane compounds are fully reacted TPU materials and are low in moisture when packaged
  3. Quanzhou Hongtai Plastic Products Co., Ltd.: Introduce advanced thermoplastic polyurethanes technologies in coated industrial textiles. Suppliers for various types of TPU film and TPU coated nylon fabric and TPU coated polyester fabric. TPU coated nylon and polyester textiles are primarily used for inflatable life jacket bladders flexible storage tank

Plastbearbetning med TPU termoplastisk polyuretan och TPE

关于 TPU. Thermoplastic Polyurethane or TPU is referred to as the bridge between rubbers and plastics. The material appears rubber-like, which means it can be extremely flexible, durable and smooth to the touch. All these properties and compound versatility makes TPU widely used in many industries for coatings, components and customer goods ¿Qué es TPU? TPU es la sigla en inglés para poliuretanos termoplásticos y es un elastómero sumamente versátil con propiedades especiales que ofrece tanto rendimiento superior como flexibilidad de procesamiento. El TPU es el polímero ideal para aplicar en diversos mercados, como el del calzado, cables, films y láminas, compuestos, adhesivos y piezas inyectadas especiales Engineers who need large, fast, accurate, functional, and complex elastomer parts can print them directly off the Stratasys F123 Series 3D printers using FDM TPU 92A material. This new material allows engineers to design faster and without constraints TPU is widely used as an additive for strengthening other materials. For example, composites of TPU and Polycarbonate or ABS have an improved flexural modulus up to 150,000 psi. Though pure TPU tensile strength is around 5076 psi (for Shore 70A). In addition to hardness, TPUs can be manufactured with different base material components

TPU material vs silicone: Which One's Better and Why

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  1. DIYers love TPU for making custom flexible parts, casings, and even seals that can withstand impact and movement. For a test print, try a geometric vase design to experience the full flexibility (or squishiness) of your material. You can find some TPU-specific test prints like this dual hexagonal ring to chec
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  3. FDM TPU 92A Elastomer is a thermoplastic polyurethane material developed for production of durable elastomer parts. The material enables prototyping of high functioning, durable and complex parts with the expected material properties found in an elastomeric material, including superior tear resistance, fatigue and memory recovery
  4. TPU材質簡介: TPU全名為Thermoplastic Polyurethane、熱塑性聚胺酯,由多元醇、擴練劑和二異氫酸酯反應製成,是一種高分子彈性體的環保材質,不含可塑劑,可應用的範圍十分廣泛,例如PU氣動管、PU萬可帶、機械傳動皮帶等等
  5. TPU has good abrasive properties and is extremely resistant to wear, tear and dynamic loading. For that reason, parts that are 3D printed in TPU can be easily compressed and flexed to a degree that other more common plastic materials (ABS and PLA) cannot
  6. Asus Zenfone 5Z ZS620KL mobilskal i TPU material skyddande l. 169 kr 139 kr. Asus Zenfone 5Z ZS620KL mobilskal i TPU material skyddande l. 1-3 dagar. Designskal TPU Asus ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL) Endast 79 kr. Designskal TPU Asus ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL) 1-3 dagar. Stöttåligt skal med ställ Asus Zenfone 5 / 5Z (ZE620KL) Röd

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TPU material. Contactos > English. Thermoplastic polyurethane: Product range XTHANE. In Mexpolimeros a wide variety of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomers TPU's are available, with hardness values that range from 50 Shore A to 90 Shore D. As discussed earlier the TPUs are available in two classes A TPU can be processed using common techniques, such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding etc. Drying is recommended prior to use until it get below 0.05% moisture content, which may take from 3 to 6 hours between 194°F (90°C) and 230°F (110°C) depending on the hardness of the material. Processing of TPU requires attention to the. Flexible filaments are made of Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) which are a blend of hard plastic and rubber. As the name suggests, this material is elastic in nature allowing the plastic to be stretched and flexed easily. There are several types of TPE, with Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) being the most commonly used among 3D printing filaments

TPU (57% soft segment and 43% hard segment). The light regions are hard domains and materials, can form carbonyl to amino hydrogen bonds and thus tend to cluster or aggregate into ordered hard domains, whereas the soft segments form amorphous domains Nytt extremt töjbart material och nya färger till Stratasys-printrar. Skandinaviska återförsäljaren av Stratasys 3D-printmaskiner, Protech, rapporterar att man förstärkt materialutbudet ytterligare. Stratasys har lanserat nytt FDM-material, TPU 92A, och nya färger till PolyJet, som Protech nu tagit upp i sortimentet Silikon använder kisel, ett naturligt förekommande material som finns i sand och kvarts, istället för kol som huvudämne. Silikon och plast ser ofta ut och känns som samma. Men folk klagar ofta på att silikonskal drar till sig damm och andra skräp men inte TPU skal

TPU elastomers are used for a wide varriety of applications in many markets. Typical applications include footwear, hydraulic gaskets, synthetic leather, building materials, caster wheels, automotive instrument panels, power tools, gaskets, drive and timing belts, outer cases of electronic devices, and sporting goods FDM TPU 92A 3D printing material provides the flexibility needed to prototype large, complex elastomer parts, with stretch, abrasion, and tear resistance TPU bridges the material gap between rubbers and plastics. Its range of physical properties enables TPU to be used as both a hard rubber and a soft engineering thermoplastic. It has great physical properties for durable 3D prints, prints that can be used in final products that needs to cope with hard handling and not only for prototyping (like some simulation materials) TPU healthcare grades are currently used to create oxygen masks and medical tubing, high-pressure contrast media tubing, and in a variety of catheters such as central venous, IV and intra-aortic balloon catheters, says Prakash Vizzeswarapu, commercial development manager, NAFTA TPU resins, Bayer Material Science How to choose TPE, TPR , TPU caster materials. Recently, A new customer placed an order C aster Wheel from us but he know little about caster wheel. Therefore we recommended him the right caster material according to his requirements and our professional experiences

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Clear Transparent Plastic TPU Fabric 1 Meter, TPU Sheet 0.1mm 0.14mm 0.15mm 0.2mm 0.3mm 0.5mm 0.8mm 1mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2mm Plastic Sheet Fabric Transparent TPU EVA Clear Fabric Windproof Waterproof Raincoat Dress Vinyl Material 135cm wide annyfabric 5 out of 5 stars (461) $ 9.00. TPE Materials - 3D Printing Elastomers TPU for SLS 3D Printer Materials of the TPE polymer class have similar properties to elastomers - this means that they are flexible at room temperature but still remain dimensionally stable

Taiwan PU Corporation (TPUCO) is a professional manufacturer and a world-class factory of PU resin, PU raw materials, PU tube. With our leading producin The newly released TPU 92A material from Stratasys for their F123 series 3D printers is a great addition to the FDM family of materials. TPU material is an elastomer, meaning it lets your produce flexible and elastic parts - opening new doors for prototyping with FDM technology

Rubberized Hard Case vs

Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is another material in high demand for iPhone cases. TPU iPhone cases are generally the least expensive — but they are also more susceptible to everyday wear and tear and may scratch easily.. However, TPU cases are still extremely durable and will come past the edges of your iPhone and protect it from drops color changing TPU material Manufacturers, Factory, Suppliers From China, With the development of society and economy, our company will keep a tenet of Email:Abel.Wang@tl-tpu.com Call Us:0086-1599979189 We have the material and formulation expertise to manufacture the right solution for your medical application. Ultra-Soft TPU Formulations For applications requiring ultra-soft thermoplastic urethanes, such as catheter tips and bodies, NEU has developed the NEUSoft™ series Ryggsäckens TPU material gör väskan flexibel vilket gör det enkelt för dig som vill att ryggsäckens storlek ska anpassas utifrån packningsmängd, samt gör det smidigt att få ner väskan i kajakens packutrymmen Bei dem Material handelt es sich um ein thermoplastisches Polyurethan (TPU), welches speziell für den 3D-Druck... Inhalt 0.75 Kilogramm (46,60 € * / 1 Kilogramm) 34,95 €

TPU bietet zudem die Möglichkeit, flexible Teile per 3D-Druck zu fertigen. Im Folgenden erfahren Sie, was Sie vor der Verwendung von TPU wissen sollten! In der additiven Fertigungsindustrie eröffnet dieses Material eine große Bandbreite an verschiedenen Anwendungsbereichen What is TPU? - TPU stands for thermoplastic polyurethane and is a highly versatile elastomer with unique properties that offer both superior performance and processing flexibility. TPU is the ideal polymer for applications in a wide variety of markets, including footwear, wire and cable, film and sheet, compounding, adhesives and specialty molded parts 열가소성 폴리우레탄 (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) Lubrizol Pearlstick 특성 Polycaprolactone계 열가소성 폴리우레탄(TPU)로서 기존의 Polyester 및 Polyether type에 비해 내가수분해성이 좋습니다. 용도 자동차, 가구, 신발 그 외 산업용 접착제 종류 Lubrizol Pearlthane 특성 및 용도 Aromatic TPU : 내가수분해성, 내마모.

Termoplastické elastomery jsou polymerní materiály, které mají při pokojové teplotě vlastnosti elastomeru, ale zpracovávají se jako termoplasty.Používají se jako náhrada termoplastů a vulkanizovaných kaučuků.Jsou používány pro svou vysokou houževnatost.. Jsou to materiály s měkkými i tvrdými doménami a různými teplotami zeskelnění China TPU material catalog of Sijia 0.05mm~1.50mm Food Grade Eco-Friendly TPU Polyester Film, Sijia 0.10mm-0.80mm Food Grade Eco-Friendly Polyester TPU Film provided by China manufacturer - Fujian Sijia Industrial Material Co., Ltd., page1 TPU-material för bilmadrass marknadsrapporten ger en detaljerad utvärdering av marknaden genom att markera information om olika aspekter som omfattar förare, begränsningar, möjligheter, hot och globala marknader, inklusive framsteg trender, konkurrenskraftiga landskapsanalys och nyckelregioner expansionen status

Det här är ett mobilskal som passar för Motorola Moto Z3 Play. Mobilskalet är tillverkat utav slitstarka hårdplast och TPU material som ser till att skydda telefonen från slitage och sprickor. Skalet tillåter dig att ställa det i ett stående läge så det har ett inbyggd utfällbart ställ Jabil TPU 90 A Filament Technical Data Sheet Overview Jabil Engineered Materials TPU 90 A is an easy processing, standard product for printing jobs requiring elastomeric properties like compression set or soft touch to prevent scratching and marring, with high impact strength Chemical processes exist that can retrieve the coating, base material, additives, glues, as well as the chemical solutions used in the dissolution process. And, recycling has many advantages. It can reduce scrap waste by 90-96%. This can save you disposal costs and help conserve valuable raw materials

The search phrase you entered, tpu, is common to 1262 materials, by searching on the term(s) [ tpu] in most common text fields, . Results are displayed up to a maximum of 200 materials per page. Follow the links below to view complete property information Rubberized Hard Case vs. Silicone vs. TPU. from CellularOutfitter. 7 years ago. Do you know the difference? It's confusing when people throw around words like rubberized, silicone or TPU. Untwist the tangled knot of confusion with this video. Find these cases for your phone Note: Ultimaker TPU 95A is not supported on the Ultimaker 2 Go, Ultimaker 2 (Extended), Ultimaker Original+, and Ultimaker Original Ultimaker TPU 95A has optimised settings for the Ultimaker Pro Bundle, Air Manager and Material Station. This ensures a good end of filament and end of print experience in the Material Station and an optimal build environment with the Air Manager

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TPU Phone Cases: What Are They & Are They Better Than

Termoplastický polyuretán patrí do skupiny elastomérov.Ako všetky termoplastické elastoméry, termoplastický polyuretán je elastický a tepelne spracovateľný, zvyčajne použitím vstrekovacích, vákuových alebo lakovacích zariadení For 3D printed parts that need rubber-like qualities, like custom-fit gaskets or belts, or even prototypes for products like mouth guards and watch straps, PRO Series TPU is a functional material that can handle both intricate and tough print jobs PU, TPU, and PVC are excellent materials for fabrics, though, due to the high costs of producing TPU and Vinyl coated fabrics, PU is often used for this purpose. However, since PU offers greater breathability than PVC and TPU - remember a fabric's breathability is its ability to allow water vapors pass through it - it can be argued that both TPU and PVC offer greater water resistance. Materials innovation is at the heart of making this vision a reality. Produce flexible TPU parts, with a high throughput, excellent quality and level of detail, and suitable for a wide range of applications. Ideal for parts requiring shock absorption, energy return, and flexibility

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Detta är ett mobilskal som är speciellt utformat för att passa din Huawei P20 och är tillverkat utav ett högkvalitativt böjbart och mjukt TPU material som ser MH Build Series TPU 3D printing filament is the best 3D printer TPU plastic available for producing high quality 3D printed parts at an affordable price. MatterHackers FREE, FAST Shipping on orders over $35 in the U.S. Free Shipping on +$35 orders in the U.S. Customer Service +1 (949) 613-583 Det här är ett mobilskal från IMAK som är skapat för Nokia 8. Skalet är tillverkat utav ett böjbart och mjukt TPU material som skyddar telefonen från eventuell

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